Photography by Tim Walker, Hair by David Harborow at Streeters, Make-up by Lucy Bridge at Streeters

It’s the maxim we’ve heard sev­eral times before, but be the change you want to see in the world” has never been more aptly applied than in the case of gal-dem. The two-year old web­site and col­lec­tive found main­stream media exclu­sion­ary and white­washed so decided to create a web­site of their own; filled with sto­ries, news, op-eds and opin­ions by young people of colour, but for every­one to enjoy. gal-dem grew out of feel­ing iso­lated and need­ing to con­nect with like-minded women and think­ing of a way to chan­nel that into some­thing pos­i­tive and pro­duc­tive — and really cre­at­ing a cre­ative com­mu­nity filled with incred­i­ble women of colour,” says its founder, 23-year-old Liv Little.

Liv, and her team of hand­picked edi­tors, juggle full-time day jobs along­side run­ning the site and their print pub­li­ca­tion, the second of which is due for release in April. Their inclu­sion­ary and inter­sec­tional mes­sage is spring­ing straight from web­site pages into IRL expe­ri­ence. gal-dem have recently just fin­ished the second of two takeovers with the Victoria & Albert Museum, which saw them curate a pro­gram of talks, sem­i­nars, per­for­mances and screen­ings that invited mul­ti­cul­tural kids from all over London to take con­trol of the museum in their thou­sands, explod­ing into a full on dance party along­side the V&A’s house col­lec­tion of archival McQueen dresses and 18th cen­tury busts of English mon­archs and aris­to­crats. It’s the sort of demo­c­ra­tic shake up that our cre­ative estab­lish­ment needs. 

As main­stream pub­li­ca­tions become mud­died with dirty pol­i­tics and com­mer­cial trick­ery, keep your eye on gal-dem, who with a WOC poetry event, a new club night and cul­tural instal­la­tion in the works, con­tinue to grow into a thor­oughly pro­gres­sive mil­len­nial media com­pany.